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Go for it Gal -Never settle for less

It was another regular day. I finally settled with cup of tea, for a break from the morning rush hours, after sending my two girls to kindergarten & my husband to office. I have only 2 more hours to pick my gals back from the school. I must finish all the pending chores before that. I was just surfing the tv channels to see any good content on my tea time. I ended up with the ongoing debate show on a popular channel – something related to Women Empowerment, having young women on one side and group of mixed people of all ages on other side. I do talk\argue on women empowerment topics, not in shows, but day in day out in my home. 😊

As I continued watching the show, I was not feeling okay. I felt upset. The predominant topic discussed on the name of women empowerment was on Women Dressing. People were charging women’s dressing sense for the increased crime rates and the young ladies were giving their side of counter attack.  The bitter truth is, the overall show felt like “women freedom to dress” being the only women empowerment topic needed for this era. It was even more painful to see our girls sticking to that same topic and not moving forward to more needed things for women. The Real Powerful things to discuss on the Women Empowerment.

I am not against women’s freedom to dress. I don’t argue much on that front to anyone out there. I dress like how I want to be dressed.  Men or women, dress in a way comfortable to you, that gives you confidence. Dress what feel right for you. The list of the recent rape victims has babies with diapers, nuns, and even sixty plus year old grannies. When few people out there charge dressing of the women for the increased crime scenes, don’t respond back.  It is better to be silent, than to answer such stupid. Period.

This society, still project us like an object, talking on what to dress, how to dress, what make up should we wear and still trying to put women in that place like a doll or show piece.  Ladies out there – don’t limit our views on the freedom \empowerment only with our dressing. Without doubt, there are many places where our voices are much needed.  Discrimination still exists and even at the Corporate level.  Despite having half of population as female, our Politics is still male dominated.

  • Raise your voice for Equal Wages & Promotions
  • Raise your voice for Domestic Violence
  • Raise your voice for Dignity of women in Media
  • Raise your voice for bringing girl students into Sports & Outdoor Activities
  • Raise your voice for Job Assurance
  • Raise your voice for better Safety and Protection Law
  • Raise your voice for better Maternity Leave policies & so on.

There will be attempts to silence us but voice of women needs to be heard loud and clear on many such powerful things on Women Empowerment.  Let’s not limit our fight . Never settle for less than you deserve. Always remember your worth.